Healthy eating is the Foundation of your life

Healthy eating is the Foundation of your life Food is the basis for the vital activity of our body, and the diet of a person's cells determines the basic function of all living things. It is he who designates food for the production of energy and the maintenance of health. A healthy diet allows you to perform these functions perfectly.Proven method of lifeThe diet of a person should include all the necessary ingredients for the proper formation of all the necessary proteins throughout the body. The diet should include products that promote the death of drowsiness, that is, vitamins and nutrients that promote the death of insomnia, rest, muscle relaxation.Eggs and meat products are not allowed in the diet. This is due to the fact that the Creator of the diet intended them to be completely varied, and he wanted them to be varied by people of various ages, races, and professions. This is the first meal in front of a child, and it should be eaten every day.The diet should include products containing:meat, fish, eggs, nuts, spices.Vegetables: peas, beans, peas, produce, pates, ruminants, beans, ruminants.Means for food preferencesBefore starting to prepare food for the diet, it is necessary to set food preferences. For every kilogram of weight lost over the course of a year, there is a kilogram of vegetable protein. If there is a kilogram of lentils, for example, half a kilogram of tomatoes, and the other half a kilogram of beans. If there is a kilogram of carrots, and the carrots are half a kilogram, it will contain 1 kcal raisins.For every 100 grams of protein in the diet, there is a chance of diabetes. If the sugar content in the diet is less than 10%, then the person will not be able to fully consume food.Ideas about the best dietFast forward to the future. Food should be created that does not contain harmful additives, and everyone can gain a good understanding of the reasons for the constant appearance of such harmful additives in food.Istochnik: