Lifestyle for arthrosis

Arthrosis is a disease that slowly but surely destroys your joints. And if the process has started, it is very difficult to stop it yourself. It is better to immediately contact qualified doctors. But you, as patients, have a lot to do with it depends.

What should I do to avoid provoking the disease?

The cartilage that covers the bone and allows the joints to move freely should receive as much nutrition as possible. Without this, they will they become vulnerable and begin to collapse. To prevent this from happening, move. Try to set aside time for classes every day. 30-40 minutes a day.

If your joints could talk, they would say, " Don't eat so much sweet, flour, and fat.” Indeed, excess weight only harms a person. From him not only joints suffer, but also other organs. Therefore, eat in moderation, do not lose weight abruptly. Eat often, but not much. Include fish and vegetables in your diet.