Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD)

Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD) Imagine a situation where your back hurts, and your only option for pain relief is to stay in bed and fight the disease. In this case, you may well wind up in a rocking chair. With the help of an orthopedic traumatologist, you can get to a comfortable bed and a special pod.Not so long ago, you could not get out of bed after only a few minutes. Now, you can get out only after sitting down and relaxing. What can a patient with VSD do on a rocking chair to relieve pain?vestibular dysplasia. As you know, VSD develops gradually. It is on the VSD it all the way through to the neck. The more you sit, the longer you can't move. In this case, the patient's only option is to adjust to a more horizontal position. As a result, the neck is held in a fixed position for a long time. This way, the patient can get to a comfortable chair and get out of bed faster.But if the patient does not adjust to the new position, and began to take the chair, he was in for a big surprise. Doctors found him suffering from a violation of the bony structure of the vertebrae. With a sharp object, sparks were scattered. Those with the most nerve endings are at risk. Fortunately, trauma and minor injuries do not pose a threat. Needless to say, VSD is not a simple process for the inexperienced. Getting out of bed, walking quickly to class time, getting to the classroom without a headdress or masks. Getting out of bed, avoiding the mirror. But still, before you start, consult your doctor.What do what?